• Girls Making History (map)
  • 123R Dayton St
  • Danvers, MA 01923

Before there was the “Green Movement,” there was the Great Depression. 

AUGUST 10-14, 2015 


If your daughter has enjoyed Girls Making History workshops in the past, here is an opportunity for her to go deeper in her learning. 

Use it up.  Wear it out.  Make it do, or do without.

Long before Americans began “going green,” the financial crisis of the 1930s had people recycling everything from old buttons to aluminum foil to chicken-feed sacks!  Come learn some crafty ways to re-use rather than throw away.  We will also learn what the deal was with the “New Deal,” and we will read and discuss the novel A Letter to Mrs. Roosevelt by C. Coco DeYoung.  During lunchtime, girls will watch and discuss the movie Annie as well as some episodes of the classic TV series The Waltons.

Here is a sample of activities for the week:

Home Economics –Girls will create their own “Penny-Pincher’s Guide,” filled with ideas for creating fun projects from items around the house.  This will include a spend-save-tithe bank made from mason jars!

Radio – Girls will listen to some classic 1930s radio shows, including Father Knows Best and Amos ‘n’ Andy, and will then create their own radio program including sound effects.

Hobos – Learn about the lives of hobos who rode the rails in search of work and created their own secret code to advise fellow travelers of dangers and opportunities.  We will also learn about hobo  “jungles” and build one of our own out of boards, cardboard boxes, and tarps.

A Quilt of Buttons and Scraps – Each girl will design her own “Story Square” on paper, recreate it on fabric from a stash of buttons and scrap fabrics, and then stitch the design onto the fabric using several different embroider stitches.  The square can then be used as a doll quilt or as a pillow cover.

Each day will include: 

  • the biography of a history-maker from the era
  • a short journaling or creative writing exercise
  • hands-on activities such as sewing, decoupage, or baking a period dish
  • We will also be note booking, which means that at the end of each week, girls will take home a notebook filled with printed materials, their own hand-written recipes, journal entries, artwork and photos from the week's activities


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